Kalkidan Esayas

I am Dr. Kalkidan Esayas. I obtained my Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in July 2017 and Master of Science (M.Sc.) Degree in July 2010 from Faculty of Natural Science, Department of Zoological Sciences in Ecology and Systematic Zoology Stream, Addis Ababa University. Besides, I graduated Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Degree in Applied Biology from Debub (Hawasa) University.

Regarding to publication, I have published my MSc. Thesis with title:

  •  Species composition, Relative Abundance, and Distribution of Avian fauna of Entoto Natural Park and escarpment (Published MSc. Thesis, 2010). SINET: Ethiop.J.Sci., 34(2):113-122,2011. ISSN: 0379-2897.

Regarding to seminar paper, I wrote different seminar paper and some of them are:

  • Effects of deforestation on birds’ community structure
  • Effects of global warming on the ecosystem
  • Effects of fire on ground nesting birds Contribution of Birds tracking technology for conservation of birds and environment.
  • Contribution of birds to agricultural system and Food security

I am preparing my Dissertation, ‘Ecology of Wattled ibis( Bostrychia carunculata) and land use/cover change of Chelekleka Lake, Bishoftu,Ethiopia’’ for Publication.

Regarding to my work experience, I had been worked in the position of lecturer in Gambella Teachers’ Education and Health Science College for from 2005-2013.  I have taken part in the issues of education and research activities: curriculum development, text book and module preparation in the field of zoological sciences and environmental science. I have given different courses at Gambella teacher’s education and health Science College like invertebrate zoology, vertebrate zoology, ornithology, animal ecology, environmental science, integrated science, wildlife management and biodiversity conservation with intensive practical field techniques. I am also conducting independent researches with my colleagues. Besides, my duties and responsibilities as lecturer, I served as Natural science department head. I was also delegated at different positions in the college like administrative and development vice dean, continuing and distance education coordinator and college registrar. In addition, I attended different trainings which are highly related to my field of interest which helped me to develop my practical knowledge and gave me a chance to integrate well in a multi-national setting with professionals from worldwide. I was leading zoology club which was strongly working on animal welfare concepts and understanding of the importance of animals and create awareness to the community at large.

Besides to Ecological world, I am actively involved in the education sector. I am also a member of different professional associations like:

  • Adult and Non-Formal Education Association in Ethiopia
  • Ethiopian Heritage Trust
  • Biological Society of Ethiopia
  • African Birds Club

From October, 2016 to date, I am working at one of developmental NGO, ANFEAE (Adult and Non-Formal Education Association in Ethiopia) as project manager, implementer, monitoring and evaluation head. I am working in capacity building and awareness program to primary schools in different issues.  I have a wide range of experience in developing, coordinating and conducting complex short and long term training and working closely with state and non-state development actors such as ANFEAE, ZOA and UNHCR operating within the country.