Jose María Romero López

jose-maria-romero-lopezPhD Researcher based at the Doñana Biological Station , Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Sevilla, Spain.

I am developing my research in the field of ethology and evolutionary biology, focused in family conflict, specially in cooperation and competition among chicks in White Stork nests. In my PhD Thesis, supervised by Tomás Redondo, I am studying mechanisms of competition among nestmates and the evolution of signals for cooperation in scenarios where competition is low or apparently absent, trying to understand the evolution of cooperative behaviour in opposition to aggression or competitive interference among siblings in avian families.

I am interested in the evolution of cooperation and conflict in animal societies, and communicative signals linked to those scenarios. My research topics include parent-offspring conflict, signalling, cooperation and coordination, negotiation, broodmate aggression and phylogenetic comparative studies.

I have worked in Plant biology during the first years of my career at Universidad de Sevilla, in the group of Benito Valdés Castrillón.