Heather McGinness

Dr Heather McGinness is an Ecologist who conducts research aiming to inform sustainable natural resource management practices. With a background in riverine and floodplain landscape ecology, her interdisciplinary work integrates aquatic and terrestrial ecology in a range of agricultural, mixed and natural ecosystems. Heather has a strong interest in improving the understanding and management of water as a key integrating element crucial to the resilience of our inland systems. Research areas include: Responses of vegetation and fauna to changing land and water management regimes, stressors and threats; measuring, modelling and predicting the ecological outcomes of environmental flows, natural flooding and changes in water regimes; and broader, more integrated, landscape to basin scale approaches to ecosystem management, linking terrestrial and aquatic ecology. Heather’s expertise is applicable to a range of domains and she is able to develop conceptual models of whole systems and integrate diverse sources of information. This allows her to develop novel solutions to problems, communicate complexity effectively and lead forward-thinking collaborative projects.  Heather has advanced skills in: Project leadership; fieldwork logistics planning and management; data analysis; communications and reporting. She has 20 years experience working in wet and dry floodplain and riverine environments, including surveying, capturing and handling small mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds, monitoring camera deployment and data analysis, and working in waterbird breeding sites, including bird capture, banding and GPS satellite transmitter fitting and tracking.