K S Gopi Sundar

gopi_sundar_200I am interested in understanding factors that drive landscape-scale persistence of large waterbird species such as storks, ibises, spoonbills, cranes and herons. I focus on agricultural landscapes where the majority of populations of many species of these waterbirds are found in areas like south Asia. My work is necessarily multi-disciplinary, long-term, with a strong foundation of science and applied conservation. With my colleagues and students, I am striving to uncover the ecological and social factors that impact habits of large waterbirds, and their wetland habitats. Currently, I work in south Asia but am working on developing work in other parts of the world that have both SIS species, and cranes.

I manage Program SarusScape at the International Crane Foundation that is implemented in partnership with the Nature Conservation Foundation.

Along with my colleague Luis Santiago Cano, I Co-chair the IUCN Stork, Ibis and Spoonbill Specialist Group.